RD.Construct Voice Chat

Voice chat functionality is available, and can be activated by holding the “\” key, or hitting the TAB key and selecting the MICROPHONE option on the menu wheel.


The program will select the first microphone device it finds connected to your machine. If you have multiple microphones, you may find that the default one selected is not your preferred device. To set your preferred microphone, please view the microphone settings page here: https://www.hive-rd.com/rd-construct-mic-settings/

Once you are broadcasting, you will see a set of triple brackets around your name:


Likewise, these will disappear when you disable voice chat.

By default voice chat is ‘global’. That means that your voice is equally audible across the world, and the position of your avatar has no bearing on the sound. There are options to enable positional sound with attenuation features though. Please see the section on audio settings to find out more:

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