Architectural Visualisation London, Croydon

[Architectural visualisation services]  We can provide you with HD rendered still images (CGI) of interior and exterior architectural scenes. We can also provide 3D floorplan renders.

Contact options:
Tel : 07732 618 988

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As the project commences, we’ll need as many resources related to it as you can manage – this should make our goals clearer. These may or may not include:

  1. Architectural plans
  2. Elevation diagrams
  3. Anything else regarding layout, measurement and scale
  4. Any related promotional materials, including video, photographs and sketches
  5. Any imagery, such as logos, which you wish included in the final works
  6. An indication as to the number and resolution of final imagery
  7. Any constraints or additional requirements

Where possible, you can attach these resources to an email, send them by post, or provide the relevant hyperlinks.

You can also have a look at our render FAQ, which may answer more of your questions.


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