RD.Construct Text Flipchart

A text flipchart allows you to have several pages of text on a ‘board’. The effects are not networked in real-time, therefore different users can view and scroll through different pages at their own pace. Edits are likewise not in real-time, and so pages have to be refreshed using the small refresh button, if other users have made edits to them. Selecting a different page automatically loads its latest content.

Each page has a text limit of approx 2000-3000 characters. These pages can be saved to disk by clicking on the small disk icon. The pages themselves are the coloured number buttons along the right. Your current page is in red.


To create a text flipchart, you will need to open the 3D Editor. Either hit B or hit TAB and select the 3D Editor icon on the menu wheel.


This will display the 3D Editor menu. Select MISC from the menubar, and then select the text flipchart button.


Your cursor green will now have a green plus next to it. From here, click on a wall or other surface where you require the chart to appear.


If you are not editing, and have your laser active (press L) you can use the upper left handle/button to rescale, the upper right button to delete this item (it will delete it for all users) and the bottom right handle/button to drag the item around the world.


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