RD.Construct Stickers

Stickers are small squares that can hold either a small text message (< 150 chars), or an image, or a file converted to a PDF document. They can be stuck onto almost any surface in the 3D world, and can be repositioned, and in most cases, resized.


Supported file formats:

There is support for the following:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • PSD
  • PPT
  • PPTX
  • ODP
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • AI
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • TIF
  • TIFF
  • TGA
  • JIF
  • JFIF
  • JP2
  • JPX
  • DOT
  • DOTX
  • DOCM
  • DOTM
  • XLT
  • XLA
  • XLTX
  • ODS
  • OTS
  • CSV
  • POT
  • PPS
  • PPA
  • PPSX
  • POTX

Many of these formats will be converted to PDF or PNG before being displayed. Therefore, documents like spreadsheets will not be editable once they appear as PDF format. For collaborative editing you can use something like Google Drive via the web browser.


To create a sticker, firstly activate your laser. You can do this by hitting the L key on your keyboard. Next aim your laser at a suitable surface (where you’d like the sticker to appear) and right-click once with your mouse.

An upload / sticker creation window will appear:

From this box you can create a sticker in the following ways:

A text sticker:

  • In the text box that says ‘Enter your text message…‘, enter your text, making sure it is less than 150 characters.
  • Click the CREATE button.

An image sticker from an online image, or a PDF from an online file in one of the supported formats:

  • In the text box that says ‘Enter URL…‘, paste or type in the URL to the image.
  • Click the CREATE button.

An image or PDF sticker from an image or other supported file format on your hard drive:

  • Click the gold ‘‘ button, and a file chooser will appear.
  • Navigate to the file you want and click the SELECT button.
  • Click the CREATE button.

Editing text:

You can edit text in a text sticker and it should update for everyone. Click away from the sticker to apply your changes.


If you activate your laser and move your mouse over the golden hand icon on the lower right, you can hold down left mouse button and move your mouse around to drag and reposition the sticker.


This follows the same principle as for dragging, but you point your laser to the icon on the top left of the sticker, and then click and drag. Text stickers cannot be resized.

Enable your laser, and click the small blue X in the top right corner and the sticker will disappear from view for all players.


Stickers you create will remain active on the server until deleted, or until the server is discontinued. If you disconnect and log in again (to the same server instance), it will take a few seconds before the stickers already created will begin reappearing, one by one.


Stickers will auto-order themselves by surface area (width x height), with bigger stickers being rendered behind smaller stickers, so that very large stickers don’t hide other stickers. Text stickers always appear over other types of sticker.

Rescuing or resetting stickers:

If you lose control of a sticker whilst resizing it or dragging it, there are a couple of ways to regain control of that sticker.

To reset a sticker’s size: Hold Alt-Gr or Right Alt and then Left Click  on the main part of the sticker whist the laser is active .
To snap a sticker’s drag button to your mouse position: Hold Left Alt and then Left Click on the main part of the sticker whilst the laser is active.

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