RD.Construct Lasers

You can activate a laser pointer from your avatar or your FlyCam, which you can use to help focus other users’ attention to a specific area. The laser will auto assign itself to avatar or FlyCam depending on what you have active.


To activate or deactivate your laser, hit the TAB key, or click the APPS button, and select the LASER option from the menu wheel that appears. The default hotkey for toggling the laser is L.


Once activated, your avatars arm will follow the laser end point, which in turn follows your mouse cursor.


You can switch your laser colour (which others will see). To do this, hit TAB or click the APPS button, and select SETTINGS on the menu wheel.


On the Panel that appears, you’ll notice a row of icons along the top: select the graphical settings tab which is the second one in from the left.

Scroll to the bottom of this options list, and you will see the option LASER COLOUR. Scroll through these to select your preferred colour. Colours available are: White, Red, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple and Black. Black is great for using against bright or white backgrounds.

When your laser is active, you can click with your mousewheel to place a waypoint indicator that others will be able to see. This indicator will disappear within 5 seconds.

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