RD.Construct Inventory

An inventory is available, allowing you to collect items from the 3D world, if any are available.

You can open the inventory by hitting I or hitting TAB and selecting the small blue bag icon to the centre-left of the options wheel


Inventory items that are taken from the media boards will not function / load if the original media resource is deleted from the media board.

The inventory itself is a window with a grid of ‘slots’, each of which can hold a single resource. Inventory items can be dragged to different slots.

Resources can be selected and ‘activated’ — the effects of activation vary according to the type of resource.

Most resources can also be discarded if no longer needed. Upon entering the 3D world, it will take a few seconds for your existing inventory items to appear.


There may also be ‘pickups’, items in the 3D world that you can add to your inventory, usually as part of some scripted task. You can acquire pickup items by walking your avatar over them (or moving your FlyCam through them). These and other inventory items are only usable on the server / project you have joined. If you have more than one RD.Construct world you can join, the inventory items cannot be shared between these worlds.

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