RD.Construct Graphics Options

To reach the main options and settings panel, you’ll need to click on the APPS button, or hit TAB to get the menu wheel, and then you’ll need to select SETTINGS.


Clicking this will hide the wheel and show the main settings panel. You can then select the Graphics tab from the top row of icons. It will be the second from the left.

rdconstructGraphicsOptionsThere are a large number of graphical options in this panel, and it isn’t necessary for you to understand what each does. However, it is expected that these options should be available to end users, and these options are typically available in AAA videogames.

The options available are as follows:

OVERALL GRAPHICAL QUALITY PRESET -> This will automatically change many of the graphics options to a given quality setting. Some options may be disabled on lower settings.

FRAMES PER SECOND -> How fluid are the graphics? Higher frame rates place higher demands on your hardware.

VSYNC -> Vertical synchronisation. Syncs your frames per second with your display refresh rate.

FIELD-OF-VIEW [F.O.V.] -> What is the perspective in degrees of the third-person camera?

FIRST PERSON F.O.V. -> What is the perspective in degrees of the first-person camera?

STEREO CONVERGENCE -> Virtual Reality option. Where do your virtual eyes converge?

STEREO SEPARATION -> Virtual Reality option. Distance between your virtual eyes.

TEXTURE QUALITY -> What texture quality to use? Higher is more demanding on hardware.

ANTIALIASING [FXAA] -> Antialiasing smooths the edges of objects. Without this, they would appear pixellated.

BUFFERED GPU FRAMES -> Set maximum number of GPU buffered frames.

ANISOTROPIC FILTERING -> Attempts to preserve texture quality at all camera angles.

AMBIENT OCCLUSION -> Attempts to calculate how parts of a scene should be lit/shaded.

BLOOM -> Should we use a camera bloom effect?

BLOOM AMOUNT -> How much bloom to use?

MOTION BLUR -> Use a motion blurring effect when the camera moves?

GLOBAL LIGHT -> If the scene has controllable lights, you can control their strength from here.

FULLSCREEN -> Fullscreen or windowed mode?

RESOLUTION -> What screen resolution do we want to use?

SHADOW PROJECTION -> Shadow accuracy. ‘Stable’ option is low resolution, but better during motion.

SHADOW CASCADES -> More shadow cascades means higher quality, but requires more processing.

USERNAME LABELS -> Should we show username labels?

LASER COLOUR -> Which laser colour to use? There is a black laser for white backgrounds.

CHAT MESSAGE TIMER -> How long do chat messages stay on screen before dissolving?

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