RD.Construct FlyCams

One of the biggest features of R&D.Construct are the FlyCams. These are small drone-like craft that you can control (smaller than your avatar’s head). They give you the ability to fly around the environment you are in whilst looking from the craft’s viewpoint. Since they are small and not restricted by gravity they can potentially explore or view areas of the world that an avatar couldn’t.

If you are designing a world you should think about perhaps making certain areas only accessible to avatars that can crouch, and players that use FlyCams — this can be tied to storylines or objectives and goals.

To activate your FlyCam, hit the TAB key, or click the APPS button, and then select FLYCAM from the menu wheel that appears. You will instantly switch between avatar and FlyCam modes. The default hotkey to toggle FlyCam is F.


Whether you were in first or third person in avatar mode has no bearing on your view in FlyCam mode. You cannot control your avatar from FlyCam mode.

There are a number of FlyCams to choose from, and not all of them are available by default. You can choose your FlyCam from the Settings panel: hit the TAB key, or click the APPS button, and select SETTINGS from the menu wheel that appears.

You will see a row of icons along the top of the settings panel. The FlyCam selection tab is the furthest icon on the right.


Simply click one of these images and it will be what you appear as when FlyCam mode is active.

You will also notice a handful of options:

FLYCAM UNIT BOXES -> Should we show a white icon around FlyCams in the 3D world?

FLYCAM UI -> Show the FlyCam user interface or not?

You can use the inertia, speed and drag options to set the flying experience to your liking.

Nightvision can be activated and deactivated by pressing E, and the intensity can be modified by using the 2 and 8 keys on the keyboard’s numberpad.

Screenshots can be taken by pressing R. These will be saved in a Screenshots folder in your game Data folder. It is recommended that you disable FlyCam UI, FlyCam Unit Boxes and Username Labels in the graphical settings before taking screenshots, so that they look less cluttered. You can zoom the camera in / out by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Here are some close-ups of the FlyCams:

hliftflycam49622 rdc4 rdc3 rdc2


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