RD.Construct Command Console

The command console allows a user to enter text commands that perform actions that are not essential to the normal RD.Construct experience, but may be important for troubleshooting. Many normal user functions also have corresponding text commands that can be entered via the console.

In order to bring up the console, hit the TAB button and select the CMD icon on the centre-top of the options wheel. Alternatively, the default hotkey is F2.

You can paste text by clicking the right mouse button, and you can cycle through previous valid commands you’ve entered by using the up and down arrows.

cmd_consoleThe command console offers autocomplete suggestions for valid commands. These are the most important commands:

  1. guide [Effect: Show this guide on the in-world browser]
  2. keys [Effect: Show default hotkeys]
  3. /stuck [Effect: Teleports user to initial spawn point (if they get stuck or lost)]
  4. echo <your text> [Effect: make the command console ‘repeat’ something you have typed]
  5. 3d editor [Effect: toggle 3D Editor Mode]
  6. run chat [Effect: Opens Chat Window]
  7. run gestures [Effect: Opens Gestures Window]
  8. run automap [Effect: Opens Map]
  9. run settings [Effect: Opens Settings]
  10. emergency stand [Effect: Attempt to make avatar stand from sitting]
  11. run laser [Effect: Toggles laser]
  12. run 3d ruler [Effect: Toggles 3D ruler]
  13. run voip [Effect: Toggles Voice Chat]
  14. run webcam [Effect: Toggles Webcam]
  15. run flycam [Effect: Toggles FlyCam]
  16. run stopwatch [Effect: Toggles Stopwatch]
  17. run first-person view [Effect: Switch to first-person]
  18. run third-person view [Effect: Switch to third-person]
  19. display chat commands [Effect: Shows text chat tags and modifiers]
  20. /s <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  21. /w <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  22. /r <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  23. /a <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  24. /reply <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  25. /whisper <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  26. /say <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  27. /admin <chat message> [Effect: Sends chat message]
  28. get project name [Effect: Returns client / server project ID]
  29. get project port [Effect: Returns local network port]
  30. get project ip [Effect: Returns project IP address]
  31. http <text> [Effect: try to open this as a URL]
  32. www. <text> [Effect: try to open this as a URL]
  33. /external http <text> [Effect: open this URL in an external browser application]
  34. /external www.  <text> [Effect: open this URL in an external browser application]
  35. run inventory [Effect: Opens Inventory]
  36. clear inventory [Effect: Empties Inventory]
  37. get number of connections [Effect: Shows number of players connected]
  38. enable radar [Effect: Show radar]
  39. disable radar [Effect: Hide radar]
  40. dir [Effect: Name of folder where RD.Construct is run from]
  41. cycle drone [Effect: Choose next FlyCam]
  42. FLYCAM-V1 [Effect: Select this FlyCam]
  43. CATBEAST [Effect: Select this FlyCam]
  44. YURU-KYARA [Effect: Select this FlyCam]
  45. LIFTCORP_VTOL [Effect: Select this FlyCam]
  46. select avatar <number> [Effect: Changes to avatar <number>]
  47. online [Effect: Check if we have internet connectivity]
  48. /dance [Effect: Do dance animation]
  49. /wave [Effect: Do wave animation]
  50. /cheer [Effect: Do cheer animation]
  51. /think [Effect: Do think animation]
  52. /shrug [Effect: Do shrug animation]
  53. /no [Effect: Do ‘nope’ animation]
  54. /yes [Effect: Do ‘yep’ animation]
  55. /stand [Effect: stand up]
  56. clr [Effect: Clear console]
  57. close [Effect: Shut the command console]
  58. exit [Effect: Quit RD.Construct]
  59. screenshot [Effect: Take a screenshot]
  60. server [Effect: Get various connection / network info]
  61. admin [Effect: Show Admin Panel, if you are an admin]
  62. fullscreen [Effect: Switch to fullscreen mode]
  63. windowed [Effect: Switch to windowed mode]
  64. ping [Effect: Get network data]
  65. date [Effect: Show date]
  66. time [Effect: Show time]
  67. datetime [Effect: Show date and time]

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