RD.Construct Basic Movement and Controls

[R&D.Construct] shares many control and usability conventions with videogames, so there are large numbers of people who already understand how to use the program.

Basic avatar movement:

Move your mouse to look around the world. You will notice the camera stays in an orbit around your avatar, unless you are in first-person perspective, in which case, your avatar rotates in the direction you are looking.

It should be enough to just use the UP arrow or W key to walk forwards, whilst using the mouse to do all your steering and looking around in the world. You can use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys to walk in specific directions.

If you want to only use the mouse, you can hold both mouse buttons down to walk forward, and additionally steer the character by moving the mouse left or right.

Basic keyboard & mouse shortcuts:

If you are not currently in any text field, you can hit the Enter key to focus to the text chat field, where you can start typing your text chat message.

You can hit the TAB key to display the apps wheel.

You can hold the ‘\‘ key to talk on your mic, or turn off voice if you have turned it on permanently via the menu wheel.

You can hit the F1 key to show the main options app.

You can hit ESC to shut most open windows.

You can click the mousewheel to centre the cursor.

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