RD.Construct Automap and Radar

You will have noticed a small radar circle in the lower right corner of the screen. Your avatar is in the centre (as a green arrow), or alternatively, if you are a FlyCam, you will be a FlyCam symbol in the centre of the radar. Other players are as white arrows.

You can disable the Radar from the Settings panel. Additionally, at low graphics settings, the Radar will automatically be disabled. To find the Radar UI On/Off setting, hit the TAB key, or click the APPS button and select the SETTINGS option from the menu wheel.


Selecting this will show the settings panel. Select the Gameplay and Control Options tab (the fourth icon on the top row of icons). Scroll down and you will find the RADAR UI On/Off setting:


You can also access a larger map, the Automap, which shows you a top-down view of the area around your avatar, and allows for short-range teleport ability. To access this, hit the TAB key, or click the APPS button, and then select AUTOMAP from the menu wheel. The default hotkey for the automap is M.


The automap panel:


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