RD.Construct Apps Wheel

When you hit the TAB key, or click the APPS button, a menu wheel will appear. This should be considered the main menu.


The options available will be described in more detail elsewhere, but for a quick list starting from the top right where the eye icon is:

Switch Perspective -> allows you to change between third and first person perspective for your avatar.

3D Editor -> gives you the ability to add and edit certain items in the world.

Settings -> this shows a tabbed panel that holds settings ranging from avatar choice to graphical and audio settings.

Chat Window -> this shows a chat history window.

FlyCam -> this changes you from avatar mode into FlyCam mode. A FlyCam is a small mobile drone-like device that can fly around the world. This mini device is visible to other players.

Webcam -> shows your webcam feed in a small window above your avatar.

Voice Chat -> toggles voice chat on/off.

Automap -> shows a top-down view of the area around your avatar.

Laser -> enables a laser pointer from your avatar’s hand (or FlyCam). You can use this to point to things in the world.

Gestures -> shows you a window that has various gestures your avatar can perform.

On the inner ring of the wheel, you can see some options in blue, these are:

Inventory -> the inventory holds items you have collected in the world.

Command Console -> shows a window where you can type specific commands. Typically people won’t use this outside of debugging.

Stopwatch -> shows a mini stopwatch/alarm/countdown app.

Time -> shows current time.

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