Maxwell Render scatter error: objects appear far away from target surface


This will serve as a sort of tutorial for how to use the Maxwell Render Scatter feature correctly, at the most basic level. We’ll be applying a sphere to the surface of a cuboid.

You may have tried yourself, but come across unwanted scenarios like depicted below:

This error happened with the Polygon Normal setting.


This error happened with the World-Y setting.

Why is this? Well it appears if you import the object that is the target surface and the object that is to be scattered in the same scene you get strange errors, and the solution is to import the scattered object by itself.

If you aren’t familiar with how, this is a really basic guide:

  1.  Import your scene, featuring the target surfaces, but not the object that will be scattered.
  2.  Next, import the object to be scattered.
  3.  Select the object which has the target surface and select the menu Object > Apply Object Modifier Extension > Maxwell Scatter
  4. With that object still selected, scroll down in the Attributes Panel until you reach the MaxwellScatter area. The first field in Primitive is where you select the object to be scattered.scatter3
  5. You are ready to try a test render.

Doing this, and having set the size and density as needed, I get the desired effect:


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