Architectural & Product CGI Visualisation in London, UK

Contact details: – Tel :: 07732 618 988

Welcome. HIVE-RD is based in Croydon, London, and specialises in producing 3D visualisations based on customer specifications. We produce architectural CGI / renders (interior, exterior and 3D floorplans), interactive 3D simulators, as well as custom and product visualisation.

If you want us to produce building-related imagery please see our architectural visualisation service.

If you want us to produce product-related imagery please see our product CGI service.

If you want a 3D collaborative workspace, or an interactive 3D model of a building that you can walk around in, on your computer, please have a look at our service [R&D.Construct]

*If you are a 3DNovations client and you have an issue or a request regarding R&D.Construct, could you please address your requirements at and subsequently, we will address the issues.

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