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[3D printing services in Croydon, London]

Contact options:

[Please note: minimum order value of £70, unless you are requiring us to design & 3D model the object.]

Send your 3D files to: , or please scroll down and attach your files and/or requirements to the contact form below. Please include your address for postage. After reviewing your files / requirements, we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

We can create 3D printed objects from 3D files you send us, or in some cases your descriptions and measurements. The ideal 3D file formats to send us are .STL and .OBJ, but if you don’t have these, we’re willing to do file format conversion for free, where possible.

Where you require us to create the object from scratch without providing us the 3D model files, the production costs and project completion time will be greater. If we have created an object from scratch for you, you may request an .STL file of the object as a project deliverable, though this will also increase the price of the service.


If you provide us with a 3D model, we’re also willing to clean up most issues with it, so that the 3D printer accepts the 3D file. For reference:

  1. There must be no polygon faces which intersect each other
  2. There must be no holes in the model which cause a polygon’s back faces (inner faces) to become exposed
  3. There must be no polygon faces inside the object
  4. All surfaces must have some thickness (no 2D objects)
  5. No instances where an edge joins more than two faces
  6. No instances where edges are duplicated and thus sharing the same space

If you want to specify colour, we do the following:

Black, Blue, Clear, Glow-in-the-dark blue, Glow-in-the-dark green, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Transparent blue, Transparent green, Transparent red, White, Yellow

We cannot combine colours on a single model, but we can make separate components of different colours which can be assembled afterwards. The maximum dimensions of a single finished object would be less than 200mm x 250mm x 200mm (H x D x W).

If you have a request that requires a colour or filament type that we do not currently offer, we may agree to proceed with the project, with the understanding that you will cover the new material costs.

3D printing form:

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[Any personal information you share with us will remain confidential, and will not be shared with other organisations. Please view our privacy policy for more information.]

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